What Do Our Clients Say?

“My entire family has individual health insurance policies through Insurance for One—my mother, myself and all six of my brothers and sisters. But we have much more than insurance coverage. We have a strong personal relationship, a feeling of support, and the comfort of knowing we’re taken care of..” (P. Davis)

“We made one call, and within 24 hours had a series of options and recommendations.” (J.Balbo)

"We are really satisfied. When you get a new job, usually the medical coverage doesn’t kick in right away. We needed to find something that kicked in right away and was reasonably priced.” (E. Wolterman)

"Not only was the response immediate, but the personal coverage options with Insurance for One were actually less expensive then the company sponsored program we previously had. And they provided additional financial benefits.” (J. Balbo)

“Being young and in good health, the coverage we selected was only $75 a month.” (E. Wolterman)

“They were willing to spend whatever time it took, whether or not I bought their insurance. They were friendly, warm and understanding.” (B. Stringer)

“My son finished college and was not eligible for coverage on our family policy any longer. With Insurance for One, he got a policy in very short order and at a very reasonable price. We were very satisfied.” (E. Wolterman)

“The individual plan we chose has a very low monthly cost with a higher deductible. This allows us the security of great insurance coverage at a lower monthly premium, plus the peace of mind that we are protected from the financial risks associated with a catastrophic illness.”  (J. Balbo)

“I am very satisfied and really impressed....They went above and beyond to make sure that my family was taken care of.” (P. Davis)

“When my COBRA insurance ran out, I dreaded having to find insurance. I ...figured any insurance policies I could get would be prohibitively expensive. Insurance for One not only "saved the day," but my sanity and pocketbook as well.” (B. Stringer)