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Products & Services: Dental Direct Reimbursement

How can you offset rising dental premiums and continue to provide your employees with quality dental care? With Dental Direct Reimbursement (DR).

With Dental Direct Reimbursement, there are no complex exclusions or limitations. And employees can choose their own dentist—without running up program costs. DR lets you set your own price for dental benefits now so that you can control next year’s dental costs.

Dental Direct Reimbursement is so simple and cost-effective that it is endorsed by the American Dental Association (ADA).

Many companies with 20 or more employees and in many different industries throughout the U.S. are finding that Dental Direct Reimbursement takes the pain out of ever-increasing dental insurance premiums, and it meets their employees’ expectations for quality dental benefits.

Have Dental Direct Reimbursement work for you.

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