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About Us: Our CEO

Spend a few minutes with Denny Riedmiller, and one thing becomes clear: He’s all about you. Really. Denny has a genuine interest in finding out more about who you are, your goals and dreams, what you need, and how Riedmiller and Associates might be able to help. And he delivers.

Denny enjoys employee benefits consulting. Why? “Because what I do makes a positive difference in people’s lives. Every single day.” It’s a rapidly changing field, and he helps clients meet the challenges of change head-on. Denny has been dedicated to employee benefits for more than 25 years, the last ten of them as president of Riedmiller and Associates.

President and co-founder of the national Consumer-Directed Benefits Association, Denny is a former board member of the Greater Cincinnati Association of Health Underwriters, the Society for the Advancement of Management, and Sales and Marketing Executives of Cincinnati. A Rotary International Paul Harris Fellow and president-elect of the Mason-Deerfield Township Rotary Club, Denny is looking forward to heading up a host of activities on behalf of at-risk children.

Because Denny Riedmiller wants to make a difference.

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